Did you know that there is a feature that should be installed on your home to protect it from water damage that might have been removed by a previous owner? This is something called kickout flashing, and it serves an important purpose.

Kickout flashing is designed to direct water away from sensitive areas of your home, such as where a wall and roof area intersect. If there is a heavy rainstorm, water could penetrate into your home and cause mold growth or other issues. Kickout flashing will push that water out and away, making it less likely for it to be a problem.

So, if it serves such an important purpose, why have some homeowners chosen to remove it? Well, to the untrained eye, kickout flashing could easily be mistaken for damaged or improperly installed flashing, and if a homeowner thought it was unsightly, he or she might have decided to remove it without realizing that it was meant to be there. If you find that your kickout flashing is missing, you should make sure to have it installed right away to avoid problems.

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