Water pipes run throughout the walls of your home, and usually, you might just hear a whisper when the water is running through them, but for some homeowners, there is a loud noise whenever they turn on or off their water. This is called a water hammer, which is fitting since it might sound like someone is banging the pipes with a hammer. The problem occurs when the pressure doesn’t have anywhere to go after the faucet is closed. It will bang against the walls of the pipes until it calms down.
There is a feature included in your pipe system that is meant to prevent this from happening, called an air-chamber. If the air chamber is filled up with water for some reason, it will not function as intended, and instead water hammers will happen. There is a fix for this that you should be able to accomplish yourself. Turning off the main water supply and then opening up all the faucets in your home, all the water should drain out, leaving the water chamber able to do its job once more.
If the problem resurfaces quickly, you might have a different problem, and you should have a plumber take a look at it since a water hammer can damage your pipes over time.

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