Isn’t interesting how we have very different opinions on what is too cold or too warm. In some homes, this can lead to quite a few disagreements and arguments. The one thing to remember though, is that every degree counts. The calculations differ depending on where you look, but one estimate is that you save about 3% off of your bill for every degree you lower the temperature on the thermostat in the winter, and even more than that if you lower it a few extra degrees when you are sleeping or away from home. To compensate for the slightly chillier temperatures, you can use blankets and sweaters to keep comfortable. You could also save by getting a digital thermostat that will take care of temperature adjustments for you, as well as being more accurate.

Some thermostats even come as smart devices that are connected to the internet for remote control, and in some cases even learning your habits so it can raise or lower the setting depending on what you are doing.

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