One of the more common issues that homeowners have to deal with is that of water damage. Water has an amazing way of finding its way into the tiniest crevices and holes and causing trouble wherever it resurfaces. It can also be very difficult to track where the water is coming from. A leak in your roof can funnel water down inside of walls and ceilings to appear far away from the point of entry, and you don’t always have access to see where it is traveling from.

The average cost of water damage remediation is around $3,000, so it is definitely worth the trouble to make sure that you keep the water out.

While it is easy to think that water will only be a problem if you have a leak, either from the outside or from a pipe, but there is also the risk that condensation collects and causes damage. In some areas where humidity is high, it might be a good idea to install a dehumidifier that will lower the humidity in the air.

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