Imagine that you step into your home and you see that the paint on the wall is chipping. You decide that it is time to renovate and you plan to do it yourself. It sounds like a mundane scenario, but in reality, that simple decision could lead to serious health damage to yourself and your family, if that paint contains lead.

Lead exposure can lead to a range of health problems, from headaches to serious birth defects. Children are very susceptible to damage from lead since their bodies are still developing and can absorb it easier. Young children also have a tendency to stick things in their mouth, making it more likely for them to ingest lead. Usually, lead paint will flake in a scaly pattern that is easily recognized. Lead pipes can be identified by scraping them with a sharp, hard object. They will scratch much easier than pipes made from other metals. A bit trickier to spot is when pipes have been soldered together with lead, but when it corrodes, it will deposit lead in your drinking water.

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