Have you ever seen a home where there is a small shed with a chimney sitting outside? This is very likely an outdoor wood boiler. They are used to heat homes while lessening the risk of a house fire, as well as, carbon monoxide poisoning. They operate by heating up water which is then pumped underground into the home or any other building that needs heating. In some cases, outdoor wood boilers are used to heat up pool water.

There are however many downsides to this type of installation. Due to the exhaust being much lower than that of a chimney on a house, the smoke can drift into your or your neighbor’s house. In some cases, the smoke has set off fire alarms. Outdoor wood boilers also burn the fuel slowly at a cooler temperature, which makes the smoke more harmful than smoke from other sources. This type of stove has been banned in many areas, so if you are considering installing one, you need to make sure that you are not breaking any ordinances by doing so.

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