It can happen very easily. You’re drinking a glass of water and someone knocks it over. All of a sudden you have a huge wet spot on your carpet. You might think that it isn’t a huge deal, since it is only water, but you should make an effort to dry it up as well as you can. Why is that? Because a wet carpet can easily turn into a moldy carpet if you aren’t careful. Many do not know that mold can start growing underneath your carpet, and go undetected until it has gotten a firm foothold.

Since mold needs a moist environment to grow, any sources of moisture should be handled as quickly as possible. If you have an open window during a rainstorm, water might splash in. Wet clothes and towels shouldn’t be left lying on the carpet.

If you experience a musty smell in your home, it might be time to get in touch with a mold remediation expert. There might still be time to save your carpet.

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