When someone comes to visit your home, are you ashamed to have them come to the front door because of how bad your cement walkway looks? Or is it actually in such bad shape that it is a safety hazard when people walk up to your front door?

It is understandable that not every homeowner will jump on getting their walkway fixed since it can involve a major disruption to their life as well as a significant cost, but there is an alternative that can save you both time and money, and that is mudjacking.

Mudjacking is a process where a cement mixture is pumped underneath a concrete slab to raise and level it. If a professional determines that this will work in your case, you can get it done for a fifth or less of the price of replacing your cement walkway. It is important that you use a reputable company since there are some risks to the process if there are electrical lines or plumbing underneath the slab.

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