We all have probably at least once or twice in our life have taken out the batteries of our smoke detectors because of the obnoxious piercing sound the detector makes when its sensors picks up smoke, even from something as simple as dinner burning.

Yes, it may be annoying at times for the smoke detector to go off, but fires can start up at any given time, and if you don’t have the batteries installed, you can easily be caught off guard and thus pay the consequences for not being prepared. Yes, it may be alright to take the batteries out at the moment it is going off, but its important to remember that if you don’t put them back in, you put yourself and your family at risk.

Hundreds of people die every single year because of either faulty smoke detectors or not even installed properly. Making sure that you do routine maintenance on your detector will save yourself a lot of heartache. By keeping a close eye on your smoke detector, you will thus provide your family with greater protection within your own home, and for covering yourself with your insurance if something was to happen to your home.