No one likes a cold floor under their feet in the early morning. For many of us, just getting out of bed feels like enough of a challenge without that unpleasant feeling, and this is one of the reasons why many people prefer to have carpet installed in their bedroom. Some will go even further, however, and have carpet installed in their bathroom, as well.

Carpet is fairly easy and cheap to install, so are there any downsides to installing it in your bathroom? The answer is yes, there are many. One of the main problems you will face with carpet flooring in your bathroom is that of moisture retention. There are many sources of water in your bathroom, both from leaking pipes, steamy hot showers, and spilled water when you step out of the shower,  just to mention a few. Water will seep through your carpet and be retained underneath the fabric, leading to problems with mold and other water damage.

You also need to consider the hygiene of your floor.

While bathroom floors aren’t that clean under the best circumstances, anything that spills onto your carpet from your bathroom visits will need to be removed with a steam cleaner. Otherwise, you will have a lot of bacteria underneath your feet.

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