Selling a home in the winter can be difficult at times – depending on the weather. But because it has challenges, doesn’t make it impossible. Below are some quick tips to help you sell homes in the winter time.

Clear a Path

This can be tough when there is a lot of snow, but shoveling regularly is important. A walkway or driveway that isn’t taken care of with the snow can turn away buyers who think the house may be maintained to that level as well. If your clients aren’t there to shovel, be sure they hire a reliable company.

Turn Up the Heat

Buyers love to walk into a nice warm home from the cold. Some sellers may turn the heat down while they are gone, but they may want to consider leaving the heat up for showings so it seems cozier and warmer. If they have a fireplace and someone is there to watch it, this is also good to have running to add to the ambiance.

Open the Curtains

Letting the light in during the winter time is very important. Winter tends to be dark and gloomy, so if a home as the light shining in from every window, buyers get a sense of comfort in the home.

Bake some Pumpkin Cookies

I know, it’s the oldest trick in the book – but it works. Seasonal smells and food can really attract buyers to a home. It sets the mood and helps them envision their own families there.

Hopefully, these tips help, and be sure to feel free to contact us for your home inspection needs.