Have you ever wondered why homes have grounded receptacles? Well, put simply, it is that way to keep you safe. A device or appliance that isn’t grounded could pose a serious hazard to you and your family. Even a surge protector won’t function properly if it isn’t connected to a proper ground, so it could lead to your electronics being damage in case there is a surge.

Some older homes might not have grounded receptacles. Even though it’s been standard practice for a long time, it hasn’t been that way for long enough to phase out homes that have ungrounded receptacles. So, what can you do to fix the issue? It depends on how the wiring is installed. Some homes have metal boxes with an armored cable that can function as ground. If this isn’t the case, you have 2 options. One would be to have an electrician wire the receptacle properly, or you could install a GFCI receptacle instead. While a GFCI receptacle won’t provide you with a proper ground, it would give you protection against electrocution.

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