As your inspector walks away from your home, you look at your inspection report wondering about all the issues that he found in your home. You might be freaking out a little bit, wondering what you are going to do about all these items. Do you have to make sure that you remedy all of them before selling your home?

Well, let’s begin by assuring you that our inspectors won’t leave you standing there with a lot of questions, we will make sure that you know what your report means and how it affects you. Another assurance that you probably want to hear right now is that issues on your inspection shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, it is very rare that an inspection doesn’t reveal any issues, but they aren’t all major problems. In fact, some issues might not have any effect at all at your impending sale, but larger issues will need to be discussed with the buyer and should be outlined in the contract, as to who will fix them or if the buyer will buy the home as-is with the existing issues. Since the price of the home could be affected by the issues, it would be wise to get an estimate to figure out whether repairing it yourself or passing it on to the buyer will be the wiser choice for you.

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