During this past year, more people than ever have learned how to keep safe in a hostile environment. Wearing a facemask is a way to protect yourself and others against the spread of airborne contaminants, but there are many situations in life where PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is helpful or even necessary. This is especially the case when you are working with power tools around your home.
While it is easy to think that you are just doing a simple quick task and won’t need any protection, that is the time when you’re most likely to get hurt.
Depending on what task you are doing, you will need a different type of PPE. If there is a lot of dust coming off something, you probably need a mask and goggles. If you are using heavy tools, gloves might be necessary. When using chemicals, you might need several different pieces of PPE. Make sure you get the right PPE for the task, that it fits well, and that you wear it for the duration of the task.

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