Trees are commonly used by homeowners for many different reasons. They give shade, protect you from the wind and they can even make your home cooler in the hot summer days. However, there could be a problem when trees are too close to your home. There are several situations in which trees should be removed to preserve your home. One risk with trees is that they can rot and become unstable. This can lead to the tree falling over, possibly damaging your home.

How do you identify a tree that is sickly? One way is to push hard on the trunk of the tree to see if it is soft or moist. That is a good indication that it would be good to remove the tree. You should also pay attention to branches that don’t have leaves on them. Bare branches could be an indication that there is a chance a tree is dying. Even if some of the branches have leaves on them while other branches don’t, the tree could still be in bad shape.

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