There are many different ways of heating up a home. As with everything, you can find pros and cons no matter what method you choose. In many American homes, forced air heating is used, where there is a central unit that sends heated air through ducts to the entire home.

There is an alternative that isn’t as common, but has a few advantages to forced air, and that is radiant heat.

A radiant heat system consists of elements that are heated up by water, oil or electricity. With this system, there is no ductwork, which means that you won’t have the issue with leaking ducts losing hot air. You also get a more stable heat, since the elements stay hot, constantly heating up the room, while forced air dissipates as soon as the fan stops. You also have the ability to adjust temperatures in different rooms independently of each other. With a forced air system, the only option you have is to open or close vents to adjust different rooms.

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