When your shower doesn’t drain well, it can be both frustrating and unsanitary. What could cause this problem? There are a number of different reasons it could be happening. A common problem is accumulation of hair and soap that clumps up and causes a clog. While you might think that the quickest way to deal with the problem is to use a commercial drain cleaning liquid, these are not always effective, and they can damage your pipes, as well as, the environment. Instead, removing the drain cover and removing the clog is a better option. Many drain covers are attached with a screw, but some are a little trickier to figure out. It might be that you need to use pliers to turn the cover and release it, while some you can remove with your hands. Find out the method needed to make sure you don’t damage it.

While you could invest in a drain snake to get the clog removed, sometimes just using a metal hanger will suffice. It might also be possible to use a plunger to dislodge it, especially if it is too far down the pipe for you to reach.

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