Do you know the difference between a single-pane and a double-pane window? You might come up with the answer quite easily, that the difference is that there are two panes in a double-pane window but only one in a single-pane window, and you would be correct. Do you know, though, why you would want a double-pane window over a single pane one? The answer is that it provides much better insulation. In between the panes of a double-pane window is a gas that prevents heat transfer between the two panes. This makes a huge difference. However, you have probably noticed that some windows will have a foggy look to them. This is because the seals for the gas between the windows have failed. This will greatly decrease the efficiency of your double-pane windows. It is something that will happen naturally over time due to the expansion and retraction of your windows as they are heated by the sun. There is a silica desiccant that is meant to keep moisture out of the double-pane windows, but as they move back and forth over time, it wears out.

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