We all appreciate having a cold drink, and for many of us, that involves having some ice in it. For easy access to ice, it’s hard to beat a fridge with a built-in ice maker, but it is important that you realize that it doesn’t come without some shortcomings.

One thing that might not quickly come to mind is the need to keep your ice maker clean. While you might think that the freezer is an enclosed system, without regularly cleaning your ice maker, you will damage it, and the quality of your ice will degrade. When cleaning it, you should avoid using any chemicals, since those could end up in your drink later.

Having an ice maker in your fridge also limits the mobility of it. Without proper water hookup, you will not be able to place your fridge anywhere you want to. You should also be careful when moving it so you don’t damage the water supply line since that could cause a major mess.

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