Do you know what a cool roof is? With summer approaching, this is something that could benefit you and save you a lot of money. Cool roofs are made specifically to reflect sunlight and lessen the heat absorbed. This will make it much more efficient to keep down the cost of cooling your home in the blistering heat. So what do you need to do to benefit from a cool roof? If you are building a new home, you can just choose to install cool roofing from the beginning, and you can do the same if you are replacing your existing roof. In those cases, you would most likely buy a material that comes pre-manufactured to work as a cool roof. If you aren’t due for a roof replacement, does that mean that you can’t get a cool roof? Not necessarily. There is also the option to install a membrane on your existing roof that will do the job.

Having a cool roof will also extend the life expectancy of your roof since the material will not expand and retract with changing temperatures as much as regular roofing materials do.