Difficult situations, such as the current pandemic, naturally cause most of us to feel a certain amount of stress. It is a natural human reaction to an unfamiliar and possibly dangerous situation, but the problem is that too much stress can be damaging to your health, as well as lead to taking poorly thought out decisions.

While you might feel like the future looks pretty bleak, it is important to remember that while the ongoing pandemic is hurting many people, the large majority of the population will most likely not get infected with the virus. All the protective measures that have been put in place are having an impact on the spread of the virus, and in the meantime, work is being done on developing a vaccine that will protect us against future outbreaks. If you do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe during this time, you will probably come out of it ok, but if you spend a lot of time stressing about the situation, you could do permanent damage to your health. Sometimes it is good to just turn off the news for a while since it is easy to obsess about what is going on right now.

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