How old is your roof? Have you had it replaced recently? If so, you probably know that it costs quite a lot, and depending on the material, you might be doing it again in 10-20 years. Your roof is quite exposed to the elements, so it is natural that it takes a lot of wear, so you might be wondering if there is any roofing material out there that will last longer.

The answer to that question is yes, but of course, there is a cost that comes along with the higher quality roofing material.

Clay roofing is among the hardier materials you will find on a home, but since it is quite heavy and difficult to install correctly, it does also come with a higher price tag. On the positive side of things, the roof will probably be good for your children to live under it many decades from now.

If you do decide to have a clay roof installed, you should avoid trying to find a cheap company to install it for you. An improperly installed clay roof could break down earlier than otherwise, and without the proper support, it could even cave in.

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