We are all concerned about our health and that of our family during the current COVID-19 crisis. Maybe you have been worried about the lack of cleaning chemicals in many stores, but one item that is available in many places is bleach, and it is a very potent disinfectant. Don’t make the mistake of using bleach undiluted. It can harm the surfaces you use it on, it can harm your skin, and it is a waste. To kill the coronavirus, all you need is a 2% solution of bleach and water. You can use 4 teaspoons in a quart of water to create a reasonable amount of disinfectant. It is important, however, that you allow the disinfectant time to do its job. It needs to sit on the surface for a while before you wipe it off. Remember to wear PPE while cleaning, both to protect yourself from getting contaminated and to protect your skin from the chemicals used.

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