Having plants in your home might seem like a lot of work, but did you know that they can contribute to you having more energy? This is because they can supply you with some fresh air to breathe.

There are many chemicals in our indoor air. Some are released by the furniture and appliances we have, and some might be naturally occuring. Plants can filter this out and release clean, fresh air.

It is important though, that you take good care of your plants. Don’t use a chemical fertilizer, since this will add extra chemicals to the air instead of removing them. When you water your plants, be careful not to over water since this can leak and damage your floors.

Try to become familiar with your plants so you know how to best care for them. Some like more sunlight than others, and some require more water than others. You might be able to set up a schedule to make sure your plants stay healthy and help you do the same.

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