Falling over is something that happens everyday when your child is small, most of the time they are not hurt. It might surprise you to know, though, that well over 2.5 million children end up in the emergency room each year from an injury caused by a fall. Is it not a good idea then, to look at how to avoid some of these potentially dangerous falls?

Installing safety gates are an important way to protect your child from a dangerous fall or injury. These are generally designed to be placed in a door way or on stairs. When thinking about purchasing a safety gate, keep in mind, there are a couple of different types of safety gate, depending on where you need it. One type is fixed by pressure mounting it against a wall or doorway. Another type is a hardware mounted gate that is fixed with screws. The latter type is not as permanent as it seems though and can be removed easily.

When considering the type of safety gate to choose for your staircase for example, a hardware mounted type is the best option as it is much more secure. This is essential as we know, to ensure that your small child does not fall down the stairs.

A good option if you want a safety gate for a door way is a pressure mounted gate. A good example of this would be a door way that goes into the kitchen. This will prevent your crawling baby or toddler from accessing areas with potential dangers.

Whatever gate you decide is best to fit your circumstances, its important to make sure it meets the ASTM standards. Check the gate itself or the packaging, which will indicate if it meets these standards.