If you are looking to buy a new house, there may be certain features that you look for that would set one house apart from another.  The interior walls for example. Most houses you may look at will be constructed with a wooden frame built with two-by-four stud frame and covered with drywall.  While drywall is a common, inexpensive product it is versatile and somewhat effective for soundproofing while providing a level of fireproofing.  Drywall will be covered with a paint that you may or may not like, but remember, you can always change it to a color you enjoy. 

One feature of the walls that can add a lot to the style of the house is the trimming.  Most houses do not have custom trimming, but when it is installed it can add a “wow” factor.  Although custom trimming is an extra feature, the baseboard is considered a basic feature of the house.

When looking at the walls you can also look out for inconsistencies and anomalies that will give you clues to the history and condition of the house.  One issue could be the settling of the house for one reason or another.  When the house settles, then cracks start to appear.  You can also check for the difference in the texture of the wall which could mean that the wall has been repaired which could indicate a water leak of some type, somewhere in the house.

In summary, its good to remember that when you are looking for a new home, check the walls in the house, they can teach you a lot about the house.